Special Guest were:
Kenji Midori 7 Dan - Japan, Shinkyokushinkai, JFKO
Sammy Schilt 6 Dan -  Netherlands Ashihara, Seidokaikan, K-1
David Pickthall 6 Dan – Great Britain, IFK
Koen Scharrenberg 6 Dan - Netherlands, Shinkyokushinkai
Cyril Andrews 6 Dan – Great Britain, Shinkyokushinkai
Juan Escalera 6 Dan – Spain, Shinkyokushinkai
Jan Bulow 6 Dan - Denmark, Shinkyokushinkai
Hansi Nico Gordeau 8 dan - Netherlands, Budokai
Yazukasu Koi 5 Dan  - Japan, Shinkyokushinkai
Dave Jonkers 7 Dan - Netherlands, Ashihara
Jesus Talan 6 dan - Spain, Shinkyokushinkai
Remigiusz Karpiński 5 dan - Spain, Shinkyokushinkai
Jonathan Tineo 3 Dan - Spain, Rengukai
There were more than 450 people on this camp from Europe, Japan, USA and Mexico representing many organizations: Shinkyokushinkai, IFK, IKO, KWF, Budokai, Ashihara, Seidokai, Rengukai, Matsushima, Seido.
During this camp EKO President Koen Sharrenberg has received nomination for 6 Dan. Congratulations Shihan !!!

On 5-7 June 2015 in Ostend in Belgium, took place in the Full Contact Karate Camp.

Special guests:
Sammy Schilt 6 dan - Netherlands Ashihara, Seidokaikan, K-1
Shihan David Pickthall 6 dan - United Kingdom, IFK 
Shihan Koen Scharrenberg 6 dan - The Netherlands, Shinkyokushinkai
Shihan John Bulow 6 dan - Denmark, Shinkyokushinkai

Shihan Yazukasu Koi 5 dan - Japan, Shinkyokushinkai
Shihan Dave Jonkers 7 dan - The Netherlands, Ashihara 
Shihan JoopSchell, 6 dan - The Netherlands, Ashihara 
Shihan Jesus Talan 6 dan - Spain, Shinkyokushinkai
Shihan Remigiusz Karpinski 5 dan - Poland, Shinkyokushinkai 
Sensei Jonathan Tineo 3 dan - Spain, Rengukai 

Shihan Koen Spitaels 5 dan - Belgium, Shinkyokushinkai 
Shihan Gilbert Cleveringa 5 dan - Netherlands, Shinkyokushinkai 

The camp was attended by over 450 people from many countries of Europe, USA, Canda and Japan. Participants represented many organizations of karate like: Shinkyokushinkai, IFK, IKO, KWF, Budokai, Ashihara, Seidokai, Rengukai, Matsushima, Seido. 

The main emphasis of the program was on the kumite camp, but there were also training kata, kihon, self-defense or strength-endurance training. The trainings were conducted in groups broken down by grades and age. Separate groups were led by former fihters, like Shihan Pickthall, Sammy Schilt, Shihan Dave Jonkers and Sensei Jonathan Tineo. Other classes, like kata were led by World Champion WKO Taishi Watanabe.

On Saturday evening a special Sake ceremony took place sake, which was a celebration ceremony for the 6 dan of President EKO Koen Scharrenberg.  

Inthe campthere were two gradings for students: one for grades kyu up to 3 dan, the second,and EKO Grading for 4 dan. This was carried out by the technical committee of the EKO (consisting of Cyril Andrews 6 dan, Alwyn Heath 6 dan United Kingdom and Juan Escalera 6 dan Spain. On the grading for yon dan, 6 people past, among them: Muzafer Bacak, Hong Su Vu - Germany, Donatas Imbras, Diana Maciute, Eugenijus  Silaika, Vytautas Kalvaitas - Lithuania. 

On Saturday there was an unique training with Shihan Midori with disabled people wheelchair-bound, which usually live in Oostende. The training was conducted by Shihan Koen Spitaels and Sensei Erik Bertels, a Yondan Shotokan. 

Without a doubt, the camp was a great event because of the huge number of participants and instructors from so many organizations karate. Without a doubt, this is the beginning of the Contact Karate promotion organization in Europe. 




28th of April, 2019 in Sport Hall of Zlatná na Ostrove Slovakia

European Karate Championship 2019

13-14th of April 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania


19 - 21 April, Östersund, Sweden


5th of October 2019 in Sports hall “Samobor” in Samobor, Andrije Hebranga 26a

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