Aid for Ukraine – the appeal of the President of EKO

Dear friends in karate, brothers and sisters,

Practicing our budo full contact karate is much more than being active in a sport, it is a way of life. Being a full contact karate karateka, a (shin)kyokushin karateka, means that you are part of a worldwide family. And members of a family are standing by each other in times of need and trying to lend a helping hand as much as possible.
If there ever was a time that this was needed, it is now. Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, meaning of course all people, including karateka, are suffering incredibly at the moment because of a brutal and unasked for war. Whatever we, anybody, can do to support them is more than needed, it feels as our sacred – budo – duty to try to relieve some of the pain and suffering.

Therefore, our European Karate Organization EKO (in connection with EFKO) have opened a special bank account, so we can effectively support the Ukrainian people with humanitarian help. The bank account is opened by the Polish Federation of Karate Shinkyokushin PFKS in Poland, close to the border of Ukraine, in order to have quick and reliable access to humanitarian goods and to be able to transport them by the shortest way to Ukraine itself. The account is supervised by EKO and PFKS and the general secretary of the EKO board shihan Remigiusz KarpiƄski. Members of PFKS and volunteers will take care of finding the most needed goods and the transportation. In short: we can not think of a more reliable and trustworthy way to arrange for effective help.

On behalf of the board of our full contact organization of karate EKO, and all concerned, I would like all 35 member countries of EKO – and of course everybody else connected – to support our brothers and sisters in Ukraine as much as possible. Not only by trying to look for funding for humanitarian help, but also by thinking about them and praying for a good and fast outcome of this terrible war.

Let us show the true meaning of the heritage of Sosai Mas Oyama, the karate that has shaped and given direction to the lives of millions of people. In caring for each other, in respecting the incredible courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people and in supporting them as much as we can.


Shihan Koen Scharrenberg
President of European Karate Organization

Bank name: Santander Bank Polska S.A.



IBAN: PL35 1090 2792 0000 0001 4990 5581

Euro currency

More than 31 years ago Lithuanian karate enthusiasts were among the first responders and personal bodyguards of top brass of the Lithuanian Reform Movement during the January events of 1991.