It is with deep regret that EKO board must accept the inevitability of postponing the EC 2020 in Tiblisi on May 4 and 5.
The unsolvable dilemma of the organizers is very clear and their position in it is carried by logical motives and rational reasoning.
What adds to this: EKO board received in the past few days more and more messages from a growing number of countries that they can and will not participate, due to national measures against spreading of the virus.

As EKO, we must now accept that the event has to be cancelled and try to support the organizers in every way possible. This means,in this case specifically: while they, as soon as this is opportune, are actively searching for a new date, member countries have to prepare for trying to contribute to the ‘new’ EC whenever this is possible.

in the meantime, EKO board wants to thank the organizers in Georgia for all efforts that they have put in the preparation for this championship. We are convinced that these will not be in vain.

As for all our member countries, in difficult times like these, we can show the world how good it is to be a member of the (shin)kyokushin family. Exactly by supporting each other the way we do now.

We wish you all a continuing good health, please take care of yourself, your families, friends and students.

On behalf of EKO board,

Koen Scharrenberg, president
Romas Vitkauskas, vice president
Remigius Karpinski, general secretary
Jan Bulow, board member
Alexander Goncharenko, board member
Boris Nikolov, board member
Michael Söderkwist, board member