EKO Board for the years 2023-2027

On April 1, 2023, the European Adult Championships took place in Goteborg, Sweden. The championships took place thanks to the great work of the organization and the commitment of the members of the Swedish Organization for which we are extremely grateful to them. It was a great time for the members of the European Karate Organization.
Thanks for coordinating Shihan Michael Soderkvist and for supporting Shihan Attila Meszaros, Shihan Brian Fitkin, Shihan Howard Collins. Special words of appreciation to Sensei Rickard Weber for participating in the preparation and for ensuring the proper course of the Championships.
I would like to congratulate all the fighters and teams that won medals. We have all witnessed the incredible sports level of Shihan Valeri Dimitrov from Bulgaria, who won the championship title for the 22nd time in his career. Congratulations !
For the first time, we also saw the qualification for the World Championships of kata fighters. The much-awaited competition, which, on the initiative of EKO, was included in the World Championships.
As we know, on the eve of the European Championships in Goteborg on March 31, 2023, the Election General Assembly of the European Karate Organization took place, which, as a result of democratic elections, elected the EKO Board for the years 2023-2027.
General Meeting – Representatives of 28 countries present at the meeting decided to change the position of the President of EKO. Six members of the Board of EKO were elected and three candidates for members of the Board of WKO were selected.
I would like to express my respect and great words of appreciation for the President of EKO Koen Scharrenberg, who held this position for four terms of office. His sincere devotion will remain forever in our memory and will be an example to follow. However, his work is not over as he will remain a member of the EKO Board.
Many thanks to Shihan Alexander Goncharenko for 4 years of work and long-term service in the EKO Board.         I deeply hope that Ukraine’s nightmare will end soon and Russia’s ongoing aggression will end.
I want to assure you that the Europe Region will continue to support the activities of the WKO, maintaining unity and strong relations between Europe and Japan.
The current authorities of the EKO Board are as follows:
1. Remigiusz Karpinski – President
2. Michael Soderkvist – Vice President, Chairman of the Referee Committee
3. Romas Vitkauskas – Vice President
4. Anca Wallmen – General Secretary
5. Koen Scharrenberg – Member of the Board
6. Jan Bulow – Member of the Board, Chairman Technical and Grading Committee
7. Boris Nikolov – Treasurer
Selected EKO Candidates for the WKO Board:
1. Remigiusz Karpinski
2. Koen Scharrenberg
3. Romas Vitkauskas
For the first time, I am addressing my words to everyone as President of EKO. Thank you very much for the trust you placed in me before and during the General Assembly. I will do everything not to disappoint you.
I am asking for your further support, I am also asking for any comments that may improve the functioning of EKO. I count on fruitful cooperation to be able to strengthen the European Karate Organization.
Yours faithfully.
Remigiusz Karpinski
EKO President