Message from the President of EKO Koen Scharrenberg


(Shin)kyokushin karate was founded by Masutasu Oyama, a great man. During Sosai Oyama’s life karate traveled from the home country Japan to many countries around the world; millions of people have practiced kyokushin and profited from it, in many ways. Even after his death his spirit lived on in karate and the way it was practiced by so many people. As a person they found, through the training, strength and the ability to pursue a goal and to push their selves towards new goals.

I am privileged to have been able to train in Japan in the Honbu under Sosai Oyama and to feel the power and intensity of Japan as the spiritual home of karate. Like other, really famous karateka like the shihans Howard Collins, Brian Fitkin and Michael Soderkwist, it is an experience we share nowadays with many European and foreign students, who more and more have been traveling to Japan and learned to appreciate the culture and spirit that lives there.

In Europe, our karate is at a very high level. Fighters like Valeri Dimitrov and Donatas Imbras are perfect examples of the power and skills that challenge the world; there are many more – also female, too much to mention, that combine spirit with power. And there are many more karateka who, just by training, enjoy the same feelings as our top fighters: satisfaction and ambition, in a respectful way towards our colleagues in karate and life. Luckily, our organization is expanding; recently we could proudly welcome several thousands of Polish karateka and experienced sensei; other countries are moving also towards EKO and our closely connected World Organization WKO. In the board, we are convinced that the basis for this expansion lies in the truely democratic way of working and, above all, in the respect we feel towards our fellow karateka worldwide. This deeply felt respect is, we feel, the key to developing (shin)kyokushin karate even more.

We all hope, as board of EKO, that you will feel the same way. And already you probably are, otherwise you would not read this …

In the future, I will contribute regularly a story to this site, more often if I have the opportunity to tell something worthwhile. It is of utmost importance to use the site, twitter, facebook and other ‘blessings of this modern age’ – hear the old man speaking – to promote our great style of karate. Of course in close co-operation with the WKO, their board and its president Kenji Midori Shihan.

I thank the people who work hard for this new website, without any financial compensation. I thank also all of our teachers, representatives and karateka who train hard and work hard, just to become bodily and mentally stronger, not financially better off. This is the spirit of Budo, as we know it: to give and give and expect nothing back. Yet, the feeling of all working together for our karate is a great reward!

Finally: never hesitate to approach me or your country representative or other board members if you have questions or need advice. On the other hand: please contribute your news to this site. A tournament, camp, short story, report of your experiences: it is more than welcome. Our organization is made up of individuals from many countries and we must learn to know each other!

In that light: our board members will present themselves also on this site in the next few weeks. Together we form a strong team with one goal in mind: that is to have a strong European and World Organization, that gives a lot to as many people as possible.


Koen Scharrenberg, 5th dan.




28th of April, 2019 in Sport Hall of Zlatná na Ostrove Slovakia

European Karate Championship 2019

13-14th of April 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania


19 - 21 April, Östersund, Sweden


5th of October 2019 in Sports hall “Samobor” in Samobor, Andrije Hebranga 26a

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