Message from EKO President and WKO Vice-president Visit to Hungary, Szólnòk Cup, sept 3.

The ‘tournament and training season’ started for many clubs after the holidays. Probably everybody is well rested, because a lot of positive things are going on….

On sept. 3, I was invited to the International European Szolnok Cup by our reknown shihan Fúrko Kálman. I arrived two days before, to have some meetings together with shihan Arpad Kalmar and several people, like generals, dignitaries and lawyers. Shihan Kalmar, a sports scientist, is the motor behind the Dream Cup World, the European version of the immensely successful Dream Cup in Japan.

He is also secretary general of the Hungarian Karate Organization, that consists of all (!!) officially recognized martial arts in Hungary, of course including shinkyokushin and the different kyokushin and full contact karate organizations. In the Hungarian Karate Organization is also included the group with the ‘non contact’ rules, that will be represented at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

In Hungary, shinkyokushin is extremely well connected with the government and the army (shihan Kálman is a legend in the army and Special forces, as you will know) and Arpad Kalmar is very active in promoting our karate, but also with taking care that full contact karate co-operates. And all of this next to his work for Hungarian televisions sports broadcast company. 

To promote the full contact karate in general and shinkyokushin especially, we had several meetings with high officials of the government and army. To my pleasant surprise, also with dr. Istvan Simicsko, the Defence minister of Hungary. It turned out that he is a former Wing Chun master and admirer of shinkyokushin karate, Sosai and our president shihan Kenji Midori. Mr. Simicsko is very much in favor of full contact karate getting more official recognition worldwide, because he believes true budo karate is of great positive influence on youth today. And is important for soldiers also, because it forms them. This we exchanged opinions about, also about the training of special forces and military with the budo karate as a guideline in mind.

Although he was very busy, we spent almost an hour in the ministery. To emphasize his trust in EKO and WKO (he is convinced both organizations are sincere in spreading budo) and his support for full contact karate, the minister of defence officially supports the Hungarian Dream Cup World that will take place on 19 – 23 october in Budapest. He himself will be present with several generals from his staff and members of the Special Forces.

This is I, think, one more very good step towards more governmental recognition in Europe. Apart from this, I found dr. Simicsko an extremely educated, pleasant and social man, who knew very well what budo karate and many organizations (among them of course WKO and EKO) stand for - and appreciates it. We also had meetings with generals and the Minister of Cabinet, who was also present at the Szolnok Cup.

The Open European Szolnok Cup itself was a great event, well organized and with all BC’s from Hungary (shihans Kalman, Kaloczi and Karmazin) present and participants from 9 countries. Also present was the President of the Hungarian Karate Federation dr. Janos Meszaros, and ‘our own’ honorary member of EKO and former vice-president WKO shihan Attila Meszaros.

Good fights and strong spirit prevailed and the ‘(shin)kyokushin family’ philosophy once again showed its power. Before the tournament, I taught a class in the ministery, of Stabilitas Karate Club in Budapest of shihan Arpad Kalmar. Before and after the tournament I enjoyed the famous Hungarian hospitality very much, as usual.

Testimony to the growing activity is that on oct. 1, Koen Spitaels shihan from Belgium and I myself are invited by the president of the Polish Federation Remigius Karpinski to teach at a seminar in Poland.

I am looking forward meeting you in to the Dream Cup!

An impression of the photo’s is enclosed.


Trainng Budapest

Official meeting

IMG 0615


Szolnok Cup 2016 Gallery



European Open Cup 2016 Szolnok - Szolnok, Tiszaligeti Sports Hall Sept. 3 2016

Spectacular battles and high-quality military-combat demonstration, formed part of the weekend in Szolnok international event that through the years has become considered a "full contact delicacy." All full contact karate styles were invited and many participated.

The competition is a continuation of a decade-long tradition, which began in 1979. The Szolnok Cup tournament - founded by 7th dan Shihan Kalman Furkó kyokushin karate master organisation, has been in the old days one of the most prestigious event, ranking not far from the European Championship.

The renown tournament has been revived after several years of omission, on request of - amongst others - the army and the Hungarian Karate Organization. Shihan Kalman Furkó kyokushin karate master and his organization took it up again and the result was a great spectacle in the Tiszaligeti Sports Hall, Added attractions including self-defense and the military close combat demonstration seen in the audience hall. Kyokushin and shinkyokushin in Hungary have, throughout history, very close ties with the army and special forces and it is a good tradition that a spectacular appearance of the military is part of the tournament.

4 men and 4 women's category, full contact karate disciplines contestants battled each other in real  top level fights, true battles of spirit and perseverance.

The tournament saw around 80 people from 9 countries participating. mostly dominant countries of Europe, including Russia who had sent undoubtedly some of the world's toughest fighters.

The tournament special guests: Shihan Attila Meszaros 6th dan founder of the Hungarian Kyokushin and Shihan Koen Scharrenberg 6 dan, EKO president of the WKO Shinkyokushin world organization vice president, Shihan Ciryl Andrews 6th dan, England, and many others.

At the opening speech Dr. Janos Meszaros vice president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, Ferenc Szalai mayor, and Attila Simon Colonel-Hungarian Defense ministry who praised the prestigious competition significance.

To promote the full contact karate, the doors of the hall were open to everyone free of charge, so a good number of fans waited for the prestigious fights and hardcore battle . The fights were of high quality and a very good rehearsal for next year's World Cup in Kazakhstan. 

Hungarian drivers who have made it difficult to appearances as well.

After hard fights in the first place (medals) the Russian team performed 12 medals

2. seven medals Hungary, 

3. Ukraine 3 medals.

The high-spirited competition continued in a great - traditional - and nice sayonara party.


These were key supporters of the event:

- Ministry of Defence

- Bi-KA Ltd.

- Tatami Sports

- McHalle


- Stabilitas Sport Promotion



Man -65kg:

1. Fekete Farkas Mór - Yakuzák SE Hungary

2. Magurdumyan David - Russia

3. Havrylets Taras - Ukraine

3. Fefelov Vladislav - Russia


1. Spiridonov Andrei - Russia

2. Smoliakov Maksim - Russia

3. Margithazi Zsolt-  Romania

3. Shiryayev Alexey - Kazakhstan

Man -85kg:

1. Marek Wolny - Poland

2. Rétfalvi Tamás - Kisvárda KKDOSC Hungary

3. Serhiienko IllIa - Ukraine

3. Ujvári Bálint -  Nagyatád Hungary

Man +85kg:

1. Margarint Dorin - Romania

2. Lizák Richárd - Siófok KSE Hungary

3. Gulyás Gyula Dávid - Yamato SE Hungary

3. Filippov Evgeniy - Russia


Woman -50kg:

1. Sandra Nowak - Poland

2. Alieva Dzhunai - Russia

3. Podora Monika - Poland

Woman -55kg

1. Németh Veronika - Castrum Hungary

2. Veresnyak Alyona - Ukraine

3. Manzhikova Irina - Russia

3. Virabyan Anna - Russia

Woman -60kg:

1. Valieva Irina - Russia

2. Ismailova Antonina - Russia

3. Egorova Efrosinia - Russia

3. Kovács Eszter - CS.S.E. Hungary

Woman +60kg

1. Magdalena Gustaityte - Lithuania

2. Brigita Gustaityte - Lithuania

3. Hupian Kristína - Seishin Karate Klub Slovakia

3. Vishnyakova Anna - Russia


Best MAN technique: Spiridonov Andrei - Russia

Best MAN spirit : Magurdumyan David - Russia

Best WOMAN technique: Németh Veronika - Castrum Hungary

Best WOMAN spirit : Ismailova Antonina - Russia


Medals by country:

Russia 2 4 6-12

Hungary 3 2 2-7

Ukraine 0 1 2-3

Poland 2 0 0-2

Romania 1 0 1-2

Lithuania 2 0 0-2

Kazakhstan 0 0 1-1

Slovakia 0 0 1-1


More pictures of the event can be found in the gallery:

Szolnok Cup 2016

Also included below you will find the pdf document.







Presidents message and Report from Szolnok Cup 2016:  docx




27-29 of April 2018 in Dojo Stara Wieś, Poland


8th - 13th of July 2018 in Varna, Bulgaria


June 24(Sunday) 2018 in “Švyturio arena” Klaipėda, Lithuania


11th to 12th May 2018, Wrocław, Poland

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