Marek Wolny from Poland 5th in Tokio

Excellent fifth place on 45th All Japan Open Kyokushin/ Shinkyokushin Tournament won Marek Wolny (age 20), a fighter from TKS „Karate” club from Poland. The Tournament took place on 19-20 October in Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokio. The Tournament was occupated with 107 fighters in one division called the ‘royal’ open category (no breakdown of the weight).

Apart from two the best Japanese, the Championships was attended by two representatives from Poland, three Kazakhs, two Australians and two Spaniards. Marek presented an excellent disposition from the very beginning. In the first qualifying round he beat Masato Chikazawa and in the other Harunobu Tamura, both struggles definitely to his advantage after the first two- minute round. In the 1/16 finals the opponent of our representative was one of the favorites for the Championships, a titled former Japanese champion in the heavyweight     category, the fourth of the previous Open Championships- Kenta Mori. The fight from the beginning unexpectedly ran under the dictation of our player, who launched a strong attack.      

Japanese only sometimes tried to resist, but the advantage of TKS competitor was not a     subject of discussion and five Japanese judges indicated his victory after the first round! It was one of the biggest surprises of the Championships. In the battle for quarter-final Marek Wolny confronted with another Japanese Shinji Sakamoto, who unexpectedly defeated the current Japanese champion in the category up to 80 kg - Kensuke Tsuji. The fight with Sakamoto was the most difficult to date. The Japanese put much resistance, but at the end of the fight our competitor gained a slight advantage, and Japanese (for fouls) received additional punishment Genten. The judges again after the first round unanimously pointed to Marek Wolny as the winner of the match. Quarter-final opponent of TKS competitor was Japan's reigning heavyweight champion- Kenbu Iriki. Initially, the fight had very balanced run, but after a minute the Japanese gained a slight advantage and was able to maintain it until the end of the fight.

One judge pointed tie, the other four to Iriki. Finally, Marek Wolny was classified on the fifth place (places 5-8 classification is determined by the weight and breaking boards in tameshiwari test). Promotion to the top eight open championship was a historical event. So far only one fighter from Poland - Krzysztof Habraszka (also from TKS „Karate”) achieved such a success in 2006 and won sixth place. The second of the representatives of the Polish Team- Maciej Mazur from Warsaw also presented himself very well and thanks to his victories over Masayuki Suzuki and Toshihiro Kanamori he was promoted to the leading Sixteen Championships, where he had a very balanced fight with Kosei Ochiai, a subsequent Champion.Bogdan Lubos /coach/: Qualifying to compete in the competition is already a success.

Every Japan Open Tournament  is, in the opinion of many, even more difficult than the World Cup. Flying to Japan,  I hoped Marek to win only the first and second fight. It was difficult,  how-ever, to count on winning with successful Kent Mori, who was one of the candidates for the final triumph, and Japanese were judging. The tactics for this fight was easy, Mark was severely attacked from the beginning and so it did not scare the favorite and won very clearly making a big impression on the Japanese people. Place in the top eight championship medals to Japan after two European Championships Seniors show that it becomes a very real fight for the top places at the World Cup, which for two years will also be held in Tokyo. It was very nice that at the banquet, after the Japanese masters championships, all came up to us and congratulated Marek his great fights.

Results: Men
1. Kosei Ochiai
2. Daiki Kato
3. Kenbu Iriki
4. Yuji Shimamoto
5. Marek Wolny POLAND
6. Tatsuya Hasegawa
7. Syunsaku Kawase
8. Yuki Maeda

1. Nene Mizuno
2. Sayaka Kato
3. Nicole Bigler
4. Yui Kikukawa

Draw men
Draw women





28th of April, 2019 in Sport Hall of Zlatná na Ostrove Slovakia

European Karate Championship 2019

13-14th of April 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania


19 - 21 April, Östersund, Sweden


5th of October 2019 in Sports hall “Samobor” in Samobor, Andrije Hebranga 26a

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