The impressions from Kokoro Cup 2011

The winner’s hand was raised by sensei Norichika Tsukamoto – the guest of honor at the Festival of Steadfast Hearts.

The fight between  Zsolt Balogh and Orest Proc was very fierce. Both fighters gave proof of exceptional skills, but the Hungarian fighter fought more spectacularly. In extra-time, however,  he was overwhelmed by Orest Proc.

The audience was equally impressed by the amazing capacities of the Japanese karatekas. Kazyua Yamamoto fought incredibly effectively but Marek Odzeniak proved to be a more experienced fighter and eventually won the fight.
Masayuki Suzuki fought fiercely and won the duel despite of the technical superiority of Karol Cieśluk

The fight between Maciej Mazur and the last year's winner of the Kokoro CUP, Pavilonis Mindaugas, was very interesting. In the first round, it seemed that in the Lithuanian was more likely to win, but in the second round Maciej imposed a pace that Mindaugas was unable to match.

In the semi-final, Maciej knocked out Orest with a strong mawashi geri gedan. So far Maciej has lost twice against Orest, and the victory over the current vice-champion of Europe is very promising for his future career.  
Unfortunately, in the second round of the semi-final fight, Maciej  hit Suzuki twice in the face. The judges had a great dilemma because the foul was unintentional and the doctor didn’t want to allow the Japanese Samurai to proceed with the fight. Eventually, Maciej made it to the final and won the entire tournament

The performance of the finalist of the Voice of Poland, Rafał Brzozowski, the piano concert of Wawrzyniec Prasek and an amazing show prepared by participants of Poland’s Got Talent, Anna Komorowska and Ilona Gumowska, definitely added splendor to the entire event and left the audience mesmerized.

The youngest members of the club also got a chance to present their skills. Their performance was very well prepared and received a great ovation.

The tournament gathered 11 fighters from 4 countries (Poland, Japan, Hungary and Lithuania) and was attended by a large audience

The final results:
1. Maciej Mazur Poland
2. Mark Odzeniak Poland
3. Masayuki Suzuki Japan
Orest Proc Lithuania

For the most spectacular fight, in the referees’ opinion, Zstolt Balogh received a special reward from the Sponsor of the competition – Hotel Kotarz.

Main referee: Shihan Remigiusz Karpiński 5 dan
sensei Bogdan Lubos 4 dan
Shihan Wiesław Gwizd 5 dan   
sensei Jacek Lamot 3 dan
sensei Wojciech Radziewicz 3 dan
sensei Tomasz Lenkiewicz 3 dan
sesnei Artur Prusiński 3 dan

sensei Tomasz Kęcko 3 dan
sensei Paweł Orysiak 2 dan

The seminar conducted by Sensei Norichika Tsukamoto, a two-time Open Category World Kyokushin Karate Champion, proved to be extremely interesting.  His incredible fighting technique, an exceptional personality and great spirituality made a huge impression on all the participants. The students felt that they’ve made another important step in their personal development.




28th of April, 2019 in Sport Hall of Zlatná na Ostrove Slovakia

European Karate Championship 2019

13-14th of April 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania


19 - 21 April, Östersund, Sweden


5th of October 2019 in Sports hall “Samobor” in Samobor, Andrije Hebranga 26a

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